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Maier Hardware

Trekker oil heater

The Trekker Portable Space Heater delivers the ultimate in clean, efficient heat and requires no electricity. It is easy to start and operate and will deliver clean radiant heat for pennies per hour. The heater operates on readily available diesel fuel and will run up to a full eight hours on about half a gallon of fuel. The heater is ruggedly built for both portability and reliability.


It is compact, (12″W X 15″H X 16″D) and lightweight (16 lbs without a stack). It has been designed for safe operation indoors in both permanent and temporary tent or portable structure applications. The heater uses a vaporizing burner and is controlled by a fully adjustable fuel regulator. The heat output can be adjusted from 4,000 BTU/h to 12,000 BTU/h (0.12 US gal/h fuel consumption on high). The heater incorporates two pot holders for cooking purposes. The Trekker also incorporates multiple operational safety features such as a patented, non flooding burner, fuel regulator with overheat protection, and fuel shutoff valve. A heat shield is attached to the heater to protect the user from incidental contact.