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Maier Hardware

Styrofoam Toilet Seat For Outhouses

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From Finland, the people who know cold winter weather, comes the original Styrofoam toilet seat for your outhouse.

This seat is instantly warm to the butt in the coldest winter weather.  The injection molded Styrofoam is easy to keep clean.  The seat plug keeps the odors down in the summer and prevents frost on the seat in the winter. Toilet seats are silver/grey.

The wide side of the seat is the front. We also suggest attaching a string through the hold in the lid and tie it to the wall. 

Seats measure approximately: 16.5" wide x 17" long. Hole size: approximately 8 3/4" wide x 11 3/4" long.   

To attach your seat consider one of these options:
  1. Styrofoam safe glue

  2. Double sided tape like carpet tape

  3. Making your own backer board out of ply wood, nail that down to the deck.  Then attach the seat with double sided tape or Styrofoam safe glue. Great option if your deck is uneven.

  4. Let us know if you do something different

*Do not use any glue that is not for Styrofoam. It may damage your toilet seat.

If you need help ordering to Canada or to the US please email or call 1 807 345 1492 to order.