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Maier Hardware

MNE250STM-240 MidNite Solar E-Panel Steel Enclosure - 250A breaker & wire for MS4024PAE

White aluminum configured for 120/240 VAC in and out for MS4024 PAE. This inverter features a true 120/240 input and output. This means your no longer need two inverters to fully utilize your 240 VAC generator. It also provides 120/240 VAC operation without the need for transformers or a second inverter.

The E-Panel also has a separate PV input terminal block that provides a place to tie in your PV input breaker, PV input and a PV lightning arrestor. There is also a terminal bus bar for the battery plus as well as as battery minus. No more need for ring terminals for these hook ups.

DC Inverter battery breaker
Internal inverter cables
Pre-wired 50 amp 240 VAC rated Inverter AC bypass switch
Pre-wired 50 amp 240 VAC rated AC Input disconnect
500 amp shunt
AC terminal blocks
Heavy duty 175 amp AC distribution block
DC positive and and DC negative bus bars
Terminal bus bars for 120/240 VAC input and output
Din rails with 6 slots
DC wiring cover
Top shield
Remote mounting hardware
Wall mounting brackets
Charge control bracket (CCB)
Lots of hardware and grommets
Knockouts for AC and DC conduits
Cut outs for two GFCI outlets