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Maier Hardware

Magnum Router Remote

The Magnum ME-RTR router provides parallel capability for the MS-PAE Series inverters. It can accommodate up to 4 MS-PAE or MS-PE inverter/chargers in parallel, 2 AGS modules, 6 BMKs, and 1 remote control.

This router has many of the same features as the ME-ARC50, with the added functionality required to parallel Magnum MS-PAE or MS-PE inverter/chargers.

Features of the Magnum ME-RTR include:

  • Inverter/charger status is clearly displayed by the large LCD screen and 4 at-a-glance LEDs.
  • 6 at-a-glance LEDs provide the connection statuses of the communication ports.
  • Rotary SELECT knob that allows all connected MS-PAE (or MS-PE) Series inverter/chargers to be programmed in sync.
  • Router will accommodate up to 4 MS-PAE inverter/chargers in parallel plus accessories.
  • Removable front frame cover allows access to the cable connections and mounting holes.