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Maier Hardware

Magnum Remote with LCD Display

The Magnum ME-RC50 remote allows you to monitor and customize the operating parameters for your Magnum inverter/charger. It can be used on all Magnum inverter/charger models.

Providing multiple functions in one place, the Magnum ME-RC50 provides inverter on/off, charger on/off, shore power breaker settings, AGS control, meter button, simple setup, and technical menus. The ME-RC50 comes standard with a 50 ft., 4-conductor (twisted-pair) telephone cable and includes non-volatile memory.

Features of the Magnum ME-RC50 include:

  • Non-Volatile Memory: Critical settings are saved even if power is disconnected.
  • Simple-to-Use: Soft keys give simple access to menus and a rotary encoder knob quickens scrolling through menus and select settings.
  • Easy-to-Read: Inverter/charger status is clearly displayed by the large LCD screen and at-a-glance LEDs.
  • No Cross Platform Confusion: Used with all Magnum inverter/charger models in the ME, MS, MS-PAE, RD, MM, and the MMS Series lines.