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Maier Hardware

Magnum 1000W 12V Inverter

You can't beat Magnum for value and features in a compact package. Magnums feature Power Factor Corrected battery chargers to deliver more charge current from small generators, easy-to-use status meter/remote control and either modified sine wave (RD/ME/MM Series) or pure sine wave (MS/MMS Series) output. The Magnum MMS1012 is the ideal inverter for emergency vehicles and marine and RV systems.

The MMS Series Inverter/Charger is a pure sine wave inverter for those with smaller power needs in mobile applications. Versatile, easy-to-use and lightweight, the MMS Series provides a reliable base for your energy system. Form and function are combined to create an attractive unit that uses its base as a heat sink for superior high-temperature operation.

Features of the Magnum MMS1012 include:

  • 20A transfer relay.
  • Current overload protection.
  • Low/high battery protection and programmable 50 amp battery charger.
  • Fan cooled, enabling the unit to work well in confined spaces.