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Maier Hardware

Inverter Fuse Box with Lugs 400 A

CFB-400 – 400A Inverter Fuse BlockThe CFB Class-T Fuse/Fuse Block is designed to provide code compliant over current protection. It protects the battery bank, inverter and cables from damage caused by short circuits and overloads. A fast acting, current-limiting Class-T fuse cartridge delivers instantaneous protection in the event of a short circuit, as well as a time delay to allow the momentary current surges that are common in inverter applications. Large fuse blocks are available in 300 and 400 amp models.

DC rated, UL listed high current class-T fuse in a protective holder with removable cover. CFB fuse block is manufactured with two high-quality rated lugs and accepts #6 - 250 MCM wire gauges.

  • Black Polycarbonate, Fiberglass Reinforced Base
  • Clear Polycarbonate Touch Safe Snap-On Cover
  • All Stainless Steel Hardware
  • FB max height 2.50 Inches