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Maier Hardware

EPSolar MPPT Solar Regulator - 12/24V, 40 A

The XTRA-N 4210 is ideal for smaller systems using a single panel systems to charging 12V batteries. MPPT means Maximum Power Point Tracking, in that the panel is operated at its maximum efficiency and then converts this power to 12 or 24V. This model is ideal for more powerful 2 panel systems (12V) or 4 panel systems (24V). The XTRA-N Series MPPT charge controllers are ideal for 36, 60 and 72 cell module in battery charging applications. This model features a advanced digital display, show input and output current and voltage. Ideal for solar systems to 520W (12V) and 1040W (24V).



• Rates at up to 40 amp continuous output

• Auto 12/24V

• Adjustable voltage settings for lead acid, AGM and Gel batteries

• For solar arrays to 1080W (24V) or 540W (12V)

• Accurate MPPT tracking, ideal for 60 and 72 cell modules

• Up to 100VDC input voltage

• Negative ground for residential and mobile applications

• Use the optional MT-50 remote for full control and operating display

• Multiple load work modes including lighting control and low battery load disconnect

• Extensive electronic protection