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Maier Hardware

Clear Line Drain Cleaner

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This is our strongest drain cleaner and is safe on plastic pipe and septic systems. It's also our most economical with the most treatments per container. Most drains only take 1/2 a cup of liquid. 1 Litre size.

Instructions for bathtubs, sinks, kitchen sink and other small drains: pour 1/2 cup down the drain wait five minutes, then flush with cold water for three minutes.

For larger drains: pour 2-4 cups down the drain wait fifteen minutes then flush with cold water for fifteen minutes.

As always please read the full instructions before using the product.

Like any drain cleaner don't use this one in a toilet. It works by creating heat and can cause damage to the toilet bowl. If your toilet is clogged use a plunger or toilet auger. If your drain is completely clogged do not use drain cleaner as the acid will back up.

For safety reasons we cannot ship this product.